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More than 15 years in Yachting business, gives us opportunity to offer proper services to our valuable clients.
We are offering:
  1. Organized Corporate sailing events 
  2. Yacht & boat registrations


Paraffin waxes We organize spectacular sailing events for the industry. With our professional and experienced crew, we link sailing to the achievement of business goals.

Corporate sailing flotilla is a great way to move your business forward in a positive way.Whether you want challenging sailing  or just a day of leisurely relaxed  sailing , a Sunsail we can meet your specific  requirements.

Sailing has long been regarded as one of the most effective and efficient platforms for team building. A team building day, weekend or week on board a yacht can help focus on some key issues including:
  • Leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Team work with a range of personnel
  • Hidden potentials of employees
  • Networking
  • Team moral

Team building is a valuable tool for any business, big or small and will improve your teams efficiency.
On sailboats with no experience necessary, we offer  effective programs. To  builds relations , respect for each other while understanding the benefits of working as a team while learning to sail.
We can offer programs for sailing within your business team, or to strengthen ties with your business partners.


Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time; they do the right thing at the right time while working together towards a common goal.


Cultivate excellent communication
Improve team work through collaboration and co-operation
Build team confidence, morale and rapport
Increase motivation and decrease stress Team building Events
Successful sailing demands co-operation and good communication, and is the ideal way to get a team working together towards a common goal and build relationships. Join one of our dedicated team building days and improve efficiency and communication for your teams.

We like to share our passion for sailing with you!
Tailored advice for your sailing event, full of passion and energy!
Incentive sailing : a dynamic and refreshing idea to surprise your colleagues and relationships
Take a weekend off and go out with your staff, colleagues or relationships. Meet your business associates in a unique and refreshing setting. Suggest or introduce a new product, lifestyle or modus vivendi in an exclusive environment. Sailing requires leadership and communication. Respect for each other and a real sense of camaraderie will be remembered and recognized and even maybe the start by developing new business and increased success for your organization.
Sailing is inspiring, fun and very forgiving.

Good to know:
- Sailing experience is not required
- we adapt to your wishes and expectations
- You decide whether you sail one day, weekend or whole week
- Possibilities for events from 5 to 100 people

Free quote request
If you would like to book, check availability, ask for a free quote, or have any other question, please contact us!


Yacht registration

If you are a Boat or Yacht owner, we will help you to find the most appropriate jurisdiction for raising your vessel.Registration can be quick and simple. For a flat fee, we will file the appropriate paperwork. We are offering you few of the most convenient places on the market to register your valuable yacht. Prestigious banner at reasonable cost is the main reason, why so many clients have chosen us during last 20 years.
All paperwork may be completed in about 1-2 weeks or less than 10 days if courier service is used.

You may choose to Incorporate a Company first and have your yacht registered as a business, or you may register it in your own name

Privately owned yacht: 

Although cheaper it means that your name shines in the register. Anybody could see that you own the certain yacht and delivers you to the full liability. This is the main reason why majority of the yachts are corporate owned.

Corporate owned yacht: 

If you decide to form a corporation to own property like yacht, aircraft or real estate there can be tax advantages and you can limit your personal liability. Incorporation can give your business credibility, prestige and substance. A corporation has certain tax advantages; the owners and directors can be protected from personal liability; and the business can raise capital through the sale of shares of stock. 

Either way we can service you.

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