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HABCO become OPEN GREEN official dealer

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HABCO become a Nominated Representative for representing Company OPEN GREEN SRL – Italia , and offering products: Specific Fertilisers, Water soluble fertilisers, exclusively on the Territory of : Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary 

 Founded in 1994, Open Green operates in the field of plant nutrition and today with a new division dedicated to special granular fertilizers. 
They produce range of fertilizers and bio inducers from the range NUTRITIONAL SPECIALTIES, a sector on which Open Green has worked continuously in research and development of products with wide action spectrum, which are also capable to resolve a lot of nutritional pathologies which affect the quality and productivity 
of cultures. 

 The quality of Open Green formulations is very pure; it does not create any 
phytotoxicity and many are from alimentary origin. Open Green offers accurate analysis of soil, leaf and water to determine accurate fertilizing plans for an optimized use of this product range. 

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